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Building Signage and Directory

The Property Management Office will assign suite numbers. Building standard suite signage is provided for each customer and will be posted in the hallway of your floor next to the main entrance of your suite. Signage must be posted per Americans with Disabilities Act requirements (ADA). Each customer will be allowed a reasonable number of names in the customer directory located in the lobby.

Other than original and approved identification signs, no advertising is to be posted on or in common area walls, sidewalks, parking lot areas, customer windows or pedestrian areas without Property Management's approval.

All Customers signage must conform to the standard graphics and materials designed for the property. The Property Management Office must approve all exceptions such as special logos, colors or letter styles.

Property Management shall not permit the use of any advertising, which can be heard or experienced, OUTSIDE the Customer's premises. Such items include flashing lights, buzzers, loudspeakers, phonographs, radios, televisions, video screens, or any other item, which can be heard or experienced in a disruptive manner.

Permission to exhibit or display any banner, pennant, sign, trade or seasonal decorations of any size or material, outside the customers leased premises, such as an easel stand, must be obtained from the Property Management Office. All signs must be professionally produced. No hand-made signs will be allowed. Permission to exhibit is at the Property Management's sole discretion and may be limited to a specified length of time.


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