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Exhibits - Tenant Emergency Procedures

The purpose of the Emergency Procedures section is to explain the life safety features of 816 Congress and outline the specific steps for customers and emergency Floor/Suite Wardens to follow in the event of an emergency. The safety of customers is the primary concern of this plan.

In the event of a fire or other emergency, following these emergency procedures will maximize the chances of a safe and orderly evacuation and will minimize injuries, losses to the building and contents.

A coordinated effort by 816 Congress Property Management, Security, Floor/Suite Wardens, customers and the Austin Fire Department personnel is required by this plan. Any suggestions or contributions that could help make this plan more effective are welcomed and should be directed to the Property Management Office.


816 Congress contains 434,801 square feet, has 20 floors of office space and an eight level garage.

There are four stairwells in the building:

Stairwell Number One is located on the West Side of the building and provides an emergency exit into all levels of the garage.

Stairwell Number Two is located on the East Side of the building near the elevators on floors 1 through 20. This stairwell exits into the alley/loading dock area (between the building and the garage) at ground level.

Stairwell Number Three
is located on the South side of the building and transfers to the Southeast side floors 1 through 8 and exits onto Congress Avenue.

Stairwell Number Four is located on the Southwest side of the garage. This stairwell serves P1 - P3 only. There is no access to this stairwell from the building. This stairwell exits into Colorado Street.


Floors 1 through 8 and 15 through 20 have one fire extinguisher cabinet located in the hallway next to the restrooms. Floors 9 through 14 have two fire extinguisher cabinets, one located in the hallway leading to the West stairwell next to the restrooms and one located next to the elevator lobbies on the East Side. All the cabinets contain an ABC fire extinguisher, which is effective on all types of fires.

There are pull stations located at each stairwell. The pull stations and fire extinguishers are shown on the Individual Floor Emergency Evacuation Plans in the forms section.

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